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This video is approx 7 minutes long,  instructions start after intro.

 If this is a first time project, or you have done this before, here are some handy hints. 


ü  When you open your bag of grout to start your job  SAVE  SOME  GROUT  FOR  GROUTMATCH.   Take a small sandwich or zip lock bag and put aside about ¼ cup per tube of GROUTMATCH.


ü    When installing your grout it should be mixed as close to the manufacturer’s instructions as possible.  If you use too much water during mixing or clean up your color will be lighter. Use distilled water if possible to reduce the amounts of foreign contaminants that may cause efflorescence.

ü  Be careful not to “wash out” the color of your grout by using too much water in cleanup and let your grout dry at least 24hrs prior to caulking. 

ü  If your color appears lighter (after drying) than what you expected, use less grout in your GROUTMATCH.  You can always add more and mix again.


ü  Mix your GROUTMATCH when you are ready to use it. 

ü  A finishing tool is handy and can help you get professional looking results even if you are not very experienced in caulking.  They can be purchased at the big box DIY stores, local hardware, and discount stores.

ü  Remember, it will all be worth it when you can sit back and admire a job well done.

Instructions for the Original GROUTMATCHTM

WHAT YOU NEED:  Small amount of your dry unmixed cement based grout, caulking gun, utility knife or scissors, caulk finishing tool (optional).

 ENCLOSED IN KIT:   These instructions, enclosed measuring cup, plastic mixing bag, twist tie, tube of Groutmatch



Follow these steps:

1.  Cut tip of caulk tube and squirt approximately ½ the tube of Groutmatch into the plastic bag.

2.  Using provided cup measure 2 level cups of your dry cement based grout powder into plastic bag and then add the remainder of the Groutmatch from the tube.

3.  Twist top of bag to close and use twist tie to secure.

4.  Using finger push tip of bag up into middle of mixture and squish, squeeze and knead until well mixed and of uniform color.

5.  Pull pointed tip of the bag down and cut to the desired opening (try smaller first, you can always cut more).

6.  Holding top of bag  in one hand and tip in other squeeze and twist and lay bead of caulk where needed.

7.  Use product immediately after mixing. A finishing tool can be used to smooth or work as you would any caulk.

WORKING TIME:  Product remains dispensable in bag for up to 30 minutes approx. Varies depending on temperature and humidity and could last up to 3 to 6 hrs, but we recommend immediate use.

OPEN TIME: Product must be tooled quickly after being dispensed, usually within 5 minutes or less.

DRY TIME: Product will skin over and be dry to touch within approx 10 minutes and fully cured usually in 24 hours

( all times will vary due to temperature, humidity and job site conditions)

CLEAN UP:  Excess can be wiped clean with paper towel or cloth while still wet.  If dried, scrape with plastic scraper or old credit card.

USES:  Use in tile, stone, porcelain, ceramic, metal, glass, aluminum, masonry, stainless steel. PVC. Polystyrene, wood (finished or unfinished), or plastic installations.  Can be used in applications up to 3/4".  Will bond to most surfaces and cures to the touch in minutes, Provides excellent weather resistance and can be used in kitchens, baths, walls,  floors, etc. in all areas interior or exterior. 


 Applicator Tube Instructions:

1. Cut tip of tube off                                              

2. Form bag to slide in and out of tube

3. Cut 1- 1½ “ tip off end of bag 

4. Ensure tie is secure and cut off excess bag about ¼” behind tied end

5. Slide bag into tube and insert plunger (flat end side in first)

6. Place in caulk gun and squeeze trigger to build slight pressure

7. Check to make sure caulk flows freely, if blocked poke with screwdriver

8. Screw on nozzle and cut tip to desired bead size

Coverage Chart for Products:

 Joint Size               Linear ft - Groutmatch      Linear ft - The Good Stuff  1/8"x1/8"                             58                                                   100
1/4"x1/4"                             14                                                    26
3/8"x3/8"                              7                                                     12